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Penguin Karts IDO: Full details

Dear users!

Please find below all the final details for the Penguin Karts IDO on the SpaceSwap Starter platform. The sale event is scheduled for March 18th 2022. FCFS Registration starts on March 17th.

Main information: 

The number of participant slots is calculated based on the total size of the allocation for the platform, the current state of the market and other objective factors. It is set solely for the benefit of participants.

Note! Do not try to interact directly with the contract and bypass the front-end. You will not be able to participate in the sale as a result of violating the process algorithm.

Staking MILK2 and Registration

If you are new to the SpaceSwap Starter platform and this is your first IDO, please, do not forget to sign the User Agreement. The pop-up window will appear automatically. If you do not sign the Agreement, we will not be able to allow you to participate in any event.

We remind you that only users who have previously staked at least 5,000 MILK2 in the corresponding network (in this case, BSC) can register for the sale on this page: https://spaceswap.app/tokensale/penguinkarts 

You can stake your MILK2 tokens here: https://spaceswap.app/staking 

Staking MILK2 is not specifically connected with the Penguin Karts event. It is a separate and ongoing process.

Before depositing your MILK2 tokens for the first time, you will need to click on the APPROVE button for the MILK2 token, to trigger the interaction with the staking contract.

The minimum staking amount is 5,000 MILK2. If you make your first deposit and enter an amount that is less than 5,000 in the entry field, the program will automatically change it to 5,000. If you have already staked 5,000 MILK2, your subsequent stakes can be of any amount. The maximum stake for this event is 20,000 MILK2. 

  • During the Registration stage you can add funds to your stake in order to increase your allocation. After adding more funds, you will again need to click on the PARTICIPATE button — your added stake will be counted and the allocation amount will change.

  • After registering, you will be able to see your preliminary allocation. You will see this change in real time (you may need to refresh the website), according to the total number of staked MILK2 and your share of the total.

Registration is conducted on a ‘first come first served’ (FCFS) basis.
Please note that the number of slots in this IDO is limited.
Upon reaching the 150 registrations limit, new registrations will not be accepted.
Before the start of the sale stage, you can increase your stake to enlarge your allocation, however, the maximum stake amount is 20,000 MILK2.

The registration start time, as shown on this page https://spaceswap.app/tokensale/penguinkarts, may be moved back or forward by up to 20 minutes. The official start of the sale will be announced on SpaceSwap’s social networks.

You will not be able to register if you do not have a minimum of 5,000 MILK2 staked prior to the Registration stage (the contract will not count it, as there will be nothing to count).


  • At the beginning of the Sale stage, you will see the number of tokens available for your purchase and the amount of BUSD you will need.
  • Make sure you have a sufficient amount of BUSD tokens and BNB for gas fees.

Note! This sale is carried out in BEP-20 $BUSD.
Any other coin sent to the contract address cannot be used to make a purchase or even withdrawn from the contract address and returned to you.

If you are participating in the sale on our platform for the first time, you will see the ’Approve’ button at the Sale stage. Only then will you be able to purchase coins.

You are allowed to purchase in several stages up to the end of the Sale.

Since $PGK is a Fantom blockchain token and the distribution will take place on a third-party platform, you will see the sPGK token on the front-end — it will represent real tokens in a 1: 1 ratio.


The distribution of coins will be carried out on a special vesting portal on the Fantom blockchain, prepared by the Penguin Karts project. The TGE is planned on the day of listing — March 23rd 2022.

In case of any changes, all announcements will be made via SpaceSwap’s and Penguin Karts’ official channels.

Please find all our previous publications on the Penguin Karts IDO event here:

More tips

The speed of MetaMask’s mobile app is a topic of concern to us. We cannot insist, but we strongly suggest that you use the desktop version of the wallet.

All interactions with the contract incur network commissions (approval, token staking, registration, etc.). BSC’s commissions are quite mild, but please make sure you have enough BNB tokens in your wallet.

We also remind you that the interaction with the smart contracts may be associated with the functional peculiarities of the network itself — i.e. high congestion or temporary problems with the network. SpaceSwap does not bear any responsibility for this.

Good luck and stay tuned!

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