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MILK2 and SHAKE tokens on Avalanche — major info

Following the previously announced tokenomics update regarding the token burning process and reissuing onto Avalanche, please find below the addresses of the contracts and transactions for the issued tokens on the Avalanche blockchain.

MILK2 contract address: 0x721C299E6BF7D6a430d9bEA3364Ea197314bcE09
SHAKE contract address: 0xC1d02E488a9Ce2481BFdcd797d5373Dd2E70a9C2

MILK2 issue transaction: https://snowtrace.io/tx/0xd246f9dd47a80167e506ba789a946571963990231d768dbc88ddf4a4d6acecfa
Total mint: 8,800,000 MILK2

SHAKE issue transaction: https://snowtrace.io/tx/0xb15babd8a811a274ea332766369904dd0544d73dc2df2662316d73056cdfbff7
Total mint: 200 SHAKE

Be careful, the real contract addresses can only be found on our official channels. Please beware of scams.

We will notify you separately about the creation of liquidity pools on Pangolin.

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Stay tuned!