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SpaceSwap DAO proposal implementation - the details

Hey, community!

Recently, we’ve been noticing a surge in user activity and the fact that you are initiating your own voting proposals is to us, a great sign. 

We love how involved you are in all the processes because it helps us to know exactly what bothers, interests and worries you the most. It is also a good way for us to easily understand whether our ideas are actually supported by our users or not.

So we’ve come here to outline the procedure for implementing proposals voted on by the DAO  and make them as clear as possible to all.

A standard approach to creating new DAO voting proposals from the SpaceSwap team

  1. The team members internally initiate changes or updates.
  2. A feasibility study on its implementation is initiated and an assessment of the current state of work and priority of other tasks is conducted, based on the current architecture of the application (if it is a technical task).
  3. Options may be revised and suggestions for optimization are considered, after which options may be added or corrected.
  4. A DAO vote is held .
  5. If accepted, the solution is applied according to the necessary timing of the implementation.

Thus, when initiating a vote, especially a technical one, we are confirming our ability and readiness to begin implementing the selected option.

Community initiatives

If a community vote is initiated by the users, steps 1 to 3 are usually omitted. Proposals can therefore be created without taking into account many of the significant aspects and dependencies that are fundamentally important for determining the realistic possibility of implementing the proposed changes. Take a look at this case here, where a proposal won the support of the community but ended up not being implemented for objective reasons: https://blog.spaceswap.app/tpost/d76exv3nv1-changes-to-the-voting-results-regarding. So in some cases, the implementation of a change may be either completely impossible or require certain modifications to the original proposal (the level of modifications depends on each individual case).

However, we would like to emphasize how much we truly value the DAO spirit and believe that the opinion of the community is one of the most important foundations for moving forward, let alone DAO is what forms the DeFi. We are therefore offering the following official scheme for user-initiated proposals.

  1. If a DAO vote results in some change/update implementation, SpaceSwap undertakes to give an official comment on the proposed idea’s feasibility of application (full, partial or non-feasible) within 7 days after the close of the vote.
  2. In the case of partial compatibility with the project's capabilities, the next step would be to put a counter-proposal to the vote, on the behalf of SpaceSwap (if necessary).
  3. Implementation of the mutually approved option.

This structure will also apply to the latest vote initiated by the community:


Stay tuned!

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