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Launchpad updates!

The SpaceSwap team continues work on service improvements. We have prepared a list of hot updates:

1️⃣ A link to the launchpad page for adding events to the Google Calendar was added. Now you won’t miss any of the upcoming events. Check out the Sidus and Senate unlock in May.

2️⃣ The MILK2 staking period for IDO participants will be increased starting from May 5 — after the implementation of the MONTH DAY update, an unstake will be available after 14 days instead of the former 7 days. These changes will not affect the amounts that were staked prior to the implementation of this change.

3️⃣ Staking pool for SHAKE will be launched on May 5. Just like for MILK2, it will also start with BSC (before the launchpad expansion onto Avalanche). 

👉 Minimum stake amount:  not less than 0.5 SHAKE
👉 Staking period: 21 days

The SHAKE pool will give you a more exclusive status when participating in the IDO - the number of participants for the sale will be strictly limited. Allocations for a single address for SHAKE stakers will be larger than allocations to a single address for MILK2 stakers.

The minimum amount needed to take part will be ABOVE 0.5 and will be announced separately for each sale.

The process for staking and participating in an IDO is mechanically identical to staking in the MILK2 pool. Thus, the same address will be able to participate in the IDO as a staker of both MILK2 and SHAKE, if registered.

4️⃣ Due to fluctuations in the MILK2 exchange rate, the minimum and maximum thresholds for participation will be increased for future sales. Keep an eye out for updates!

5️⃣ We express our gratitude to everyone who suggested projects for future IDO events, we are already negotiating with some of them. Hold on to your tokens and get ready for some new launches! Let us know what other projects you’d like to see!

⚡ P.S. Yes, we are also waiting for the Crypto Citizen guys. In the meantime, we have other projects that are just as interesting waiting for approval! 👀