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Launch of CryptoBattles in SpaceSwap mini-games

Hopefully most of you will have already noticed that the SpaceSwap Amusement Park has made it to the main menu!

From now on, we will be adding new games on a regular basis and the first game on our list is our partners' project – CryptoBattles! You’ll have the chance to play against a real player or a bot by placing a bet in MILK2 (and other coins). 

Apart from a regular text guide, there also will be a video guide waiting for you. It will help you get to know the game!

In honor of the official launch taking place on July 7 at 9:00 am UTC, we are also planning streams with bloggers in which we will introduce our concept to other communities.
Starting from:

  • Friday July 8 at 7 pm UTC on the DeFeed channel

Want more?
To celebrate the launch, we're hosting a week-long tournament! Who will be able to knock out the most points and get additional prizes?

Tournament details:

  • Time: from 9:00 am UTC Thursday 07.07 to 9:00 pm UTC Wednesday 13.07 
  • Which tokens can be staked: any, including MILK2 and CBT
  • Prize pool: $800 (400 each in MILK2 and CBT)
  • To qualify for the tournament you need to score 1500+ tournament points
  • To get $20 ($10 CBT and $10 in MIKL2) bonus you need to score 4000+ tournament points

Play and win $800 in $CBT and $MILK2 tokens!

  • 🏆 1st winner reward:
  • Token reward $80 in $CBT and $80 in $MILK2
  • 🏆 2nd winner:
  • Token reward $70 in $CBT and $70 in $MILK2
  • 🏆 3rd winner:
  • Token reward $55 in $CBT and $55 in $MILK2
  • 🏆 4th winner:
  • $40 in $CBT and $40 in $MILK2
  • 🏆 5th winner:
  • $30 in $CBT and $30 in $MILK2
  • 🏆 6–10th winners:
  • $25 in $CBT and $25 in $MILK2 each

Tournament scoring:
1. $5 bet: 100 points for win and 10 points for each captured base
2. $10 bet: 200 points for win and 20 points for each captured base
3. $20 bet: 400 points for a win and 40 points for each captured base
4. $50 bet: 1000 points for victory and 100 points for each captured base

Time: July 7th from 9:00 am UTC till July 13th 9:00 pm UTC
Join and win!

Wait for the official launch of the game tomorrow and jump in! Don’t forget – you’ll get the chance to fight with members of the SpaceSwap team!

All MILK2 fees collected by the SpaceSwap project (10%) are subject to regular burning, with reports provided.

We await your questions 24/7.