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SpaceSwap Fall AMA Session with our CEO Dan Khomenko. 19.11.2021

Because it’s time! 

Our previous AMA took place a while ago, so we have a lot of news and updates to share with you again. We also see that you have a lot of questions and comments on some serious topics that we can not leave unanswered.

This time, we will be talking about the integration process of SpaceSwap and the Avalanche network; the SpaceSwap Starter expansion into the Binance Smart Chain network, and the further plans for the launchpad development; ... and more. We will also cover some marketing strategies for our platform, discuss plans, perspectives, and subtotals. 

Please, feel free to put forward any questions you might have right here —> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEaeiIOYhlxI0uVESR4IQlRPjPKUX_qL2usA6C0QeTVHfTOA/viewform

We will try to cover the most pressing ones.

Join us on 19.11.2021 on our YouTube channel! Timing will be announced separately. As always, SpaceSwap CEO Dan Khomenko will be hosting the event.

Stay tuned!

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