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SpaceSwap weekly digest #4

Hello Cosmic Conquerors!
This week, the SpaceSwap team had great results showcasing all the potential of our cosmic ship. 
So let’s talk candidly about the direct SHAKE and MILK2 exchange on MetaMask and MEW wallet, along with other crucial news of the week!

1. MyEtherWallet (MEW) and MetaMask float into SpaceSwap’s orbit!

Last week, MILK2 and SHAKE became the superstars of the crypto world. The two coins are now available for direct exchange on MyEtherWallet and MetaMask!
Even now, the Swap button on both wallets is active and you can get all the quotes available for the best exchange possible. Why is this beneficial? Check our article to find out!

2. The MILK2 river bursts its banks! A new NFT token sale is about to be launched.

Great news for all the SpaceSwap participants! 
If you are not satisfied with your yield, then prepare your buckets for gallons of fresh MILK2. SpaceSwap is about to launch an NFT token sale, which will be YOUR ONLY CHANCE to boost your MILK2 farming for 30 days!

Do not miss the announcement. Stay tuned for updates. 

3. Move your profits out of the shadows! Shadow Staking service will be launched soon.

As you may already know, SpaceSwap has launched the beta version of the Shadow Staking technology.
This is a comprehensive solution to the problem of high Gas fees as it allows users to list their LP tokens in three major pools, without actually moving them! 
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SHAKE total liquidity grew (+8.26%) during the last week. Right now it is in the $113,175 range. The best price result was achieved on November 20th, read reaching $832.12. The next day, the price fell to $594.50, making it the lowest result of the week.
MILK2 total liquidity also grew +8.02%. Right now, the amount is $61,924. On November 21st, the MILK2  price was the lowest - $0.067. The best result ($0.092) was reached on November 19th. 

By the way, you can find the SpaceSwap superstar coins on Etherscan, Coingecko and other yield farming catalogs on the Internet. 

That was the constellation of fresh supernova news from the SpaceSwap universe! Our ship is fuelled and ready to visit new DeFi space stations! To be continued...