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SpaceSwap announcement

Dear SpaceSwap users, 

Every day we have a lot of fud around our project. These people who make such fud have no mercy and want to destroy great projects for a selfish reason. Instead of helping in certain ways, they spread fear among users by announcing fake information. 

We want to clarify the latest fake claims about our Milk2 smart contract and pull rug claims. 

Our project exists already since September last year. It was supported by such companies as Cointelegraph China, Nova capital, Platinum, and others. 

Recently our technology was recognized by the biggest players in the Defi industry and the number of business partners is growing. 

This project created a great revolutionary technology called Shadow staking, which saves your LP tokens from hackers on the 3rd party platform and saves you a lot of gas fees. But some people are not here for technology, they are here to make you feel scared with your valuable LP tokens. 

Regarding our smart contract claims: 

Those people who claim they checked a Milk2 smart contract, either do not have enough education/skills to read a smart contract or there is a simple miscommunication. 
To burn and to mint new tokens Milk2 can only be done by a person who has a role of GovernanceContract. 

Rights for the following function: GovernanceContract available only for our smart-contracts addresses: Interstellar, Gravity, Galaxy, Shadow, NFT, that have a very strict logic programmed in them 

Anyone can check it in the etherscan by initiating a search of public method governance contracts

Owner of MILK2 —is the following address

Anyone can check that this address does NOT HAVE a role to burn or mint tokens via etherscan, by initiating a search of a public method governance contracts/ (see screenshot in next mess).