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Shadow Marketplace!

Hello, guys! As you remember, some time ago we announced the development of a Farming Marketplace. We think it's high time to cover the concept in more detail.

General description:

The Farming Marketplace will allow you to quickly and independently create your own farming pool on a public page, without the help of our developers. Although, we are able to create such pools for our users/customers if desired.

The main fee for creating a pool will be charged in MILK2 tokens. These payments must occur when the pool is created and the fee amount will be calculated using a formula that takes each pool’s configuration into account. After sending the commission to the contract, the coins will be burned, adding another deflationary mechanism to our native token!

For the first iteration, we are preparing three types of pools:

  1. Classic Shadow Pools that don’t require users to send their assets to a contract with a volatile APR and no limit on number of registrations.
  2. Pools where assets must be sent to a contract with a fixed APR and a staking limit.
  3. Contract Send Pools with volatile APR and no staking limits.

Other parameters that can be configured in the first iteration:

  1. Farming duration.
  2. Asset for stake (in the first iteration, we plan to allow stakes in ERC / BEP 20 tokens, then if we get requests for more, we will add the 721 and 1155 standards).
  3. Asset for rewards.
  4. Number of tokens per block or fixed % APR.

We also expect the marketplace to be a great addition to the SpaceSwap Starter launchpad platform.
Given that we have our own vesting portal, we will be able to offer any project that launches an IDO on our platform a full cycle of: ‘Sales - Launch of vesting portal - Staking of purchased tokens’ – all within a one-stop station! Of course, the offer to create Farming Pools will not just be available to IDO projects, but also to anyone who wishes it.

Our users will have the opportunity to get acquainted with different projects and receive additional passive income.

Below, you can see a prototype of the marketplace screens.