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SpaceSwap’s smart contract will be audited by Lianantech, part of the Beosin company.

While launching SpaceSwap 2.0, the team negotiated a smart contract audit with Lianantech, which is part of the Beosin company - one of the leading Blockchain security companies in China. 

Striving to provide a superb technological foundation and to avoid the typical problems of yield farming platforms, the SpaceSwap team has come up with an improved smart contract. We have refined the tokenomics model and fixed some bugs. However, that’s not enough to guarantee an impeccable service and total users fund safety, so we went further and applied for a smart contract audit. 

We trust the professionals, so can you 

We are proudly announcing that the new SpaceSwap’s smart contract will be audited by Lianantech, a division of the Beosin company. This is a leading Chinese blockchain security platform that delivers high expertise and professionalism in everything that concerns blockchain and smart contracts. Having over 500 smart contracts audited on its VaaS verification platform, Beosin will help us fix any weak spots and further enhance the security of our code.

What does this smart contract inspection mean for our users?

  1. Lower risk of bugs and vulnerabilities. Each and every piece of code will be checked for errors. No hacks, no downtime - that’s what we want to achieve. 
  2. Higher fund security. Our users’ savings protection is the primary concern. After the independent audit, we will eliminate all the possibilities of unauthorized withdrawal and blocking of funds. All deposits will be solely controlled by the community. 
  3. More trust. Unlike platforms that sell-off investors’ funds and have features blocked because of smart contract errors, we’re doing our best to reduce the risk of failures, hacking and attacks. SpaceSwap’s smart contract is aimed at fair and efficient fund distribution. 

The audit will not interrupt the operational functionality of SpaceSwap 2.0. Our renewed platform is already up and running, so you can enjoy safe and profitable yield farming together with MILK2 coin rewards.

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