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2021 Digest / 2022 Plans Holiday Edition

This is our final post of 2021. First of all, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the SpaceSwap community. Thank you to all who supported us throughout the year, for all your initiatives and for your active involvement in the project. You are the true driving force behind the project and our main goal for the next year is to extend our community and enhance its synergy with the brand and products.

Below, we have summarized the year’s main achievements and have included some heart-warming comments from our team members.

2021 Digest

Roadmap Update

A few months before the new year, we made some major updates to the SpaceSwap platform’s roadmap. With so many changes to the industry landscape, we felt it was impossible to stick to the original plan that we made initially. The continual growth of the community, expanding ecosystem and developments within the DeFi industry lead us to conclude that adapting our plans was the responsible course of action. 

  • The growing synergy between the new MMORPG game SIDUS HEROES and SpaceSwap is an important reason for uniting these two large and at first glance, very different communities. We are happy to see that many members of the SpaceSwap community have joined the SIDUS project and have already started using the NFT STARS marketplace. We believe that collaboration between these three projects will give all of them the necessary impetus to reach their highest potential.

We see a number of great benefits to placing SpaceSwap in one shared ecosystem with the SIDUS project. They include: cross-community exchange, technical solution sharing, new utility options for MILK2 and SHAKE, plus many others. Now for some great news: the new SIDUS HEROES NFT collection will be partly available for purchase on the SpaceSwap platform using MILK2 tokens! All the details will be shared in January 2022!

  • Throughout the whole of 2021, SpaceSwap continued to grow and strengthen its major technological solutions as a result of the team’s hard work on the ecosystem. We are developing a SaaS based on Shadow 2.0 technology, where each project will be able to create its own pool to incentivize users. Read more about Shadow staking below. We are also preparing a new NFT collection with extra features. These features will be developed in stages, including the creation of breeding contracts and our own mini-games, where MILK2 and SHAKE tokens will be the game currencies.
  • The SpaceSwap Starter launchpad came to life just a few months ago, but already it has proven itself to be a reliable platform for crowd-funding campaigns. The development of the project is our solid long-term goal and in 2022, we will be focused on adding more IDOs. Besides this, the team has decided to shift the focus to IGO (Initial Game Offering), which came to mind after an extremely successful SIDUS HEROES campaign in December 2021. But no matter what trajectory the launchpad chooses, we will continue practicing a diligent approach to the selection of projects before allowing them to proceed with their sales.
  • At the end of the year, we also announced a new NFT collection, its concept having been chosen by popular vote by the DAO. We can’t wait to show you our first drafts and to announce the start of sale. The cutest ever little NFT cows will completely melt your hearts 💖

And of course, we’re still working on…

  • The sale of our White Label product
  • A method for solving the Bridge liquidity problem
  • Improving the Blender to make it more attractive for users
  • Adding new use cases for MILK2 and SHAKE

Shadow Staking

We see growing interest in our Shadow technology, not only from the users but from other projects as well. We realized the need to develop this solution into a SaaS for other platforms and let their users benefit from our achievements. 

‌Shadow staking is a Layer 2 instrument for farming projects and earning LP rewards. Shadow technology can be implemented in different configurations. The version presented in Interstellar does not require users to send LP tokens to the contract. The major advantages of implementing Shadow technology is the speed and safety of the calculations and the reduction in data processing costs, due to the transfer of the complex calculations to the back-end. The technology was initially only used by the SpaceSwap platform but after some significant reworking, it is now capable of being deployed by other projects, thus becoming a separate SaaS product with a source code that we never fully provide to anyone. Another important feature is running all the calculations behind the blockchain — it offers great opportunities for cross-chain interaction, which makes it possible to stake on one blockchain and distribute the rewards for it on another. The same concept will be applied to the SpaceSwap Starter vesting platform.

The main advantage of Shadow staking technology is significantly reduced gas costs, as all the complex calculations are conducted on the back-end.

We will keep developing this technology to meet the high interest we see from the community. One of the implementations is going to be the opening of a Farming marketplace — a set of incentivization tools that will allow our partners to motivate their users by offering them rewards. We’ve also announced our plans to create a marketplace and spread SpaceSwap’s in-house Shadow technology to projects outside of the SpaceSwap / SIDUS HEROES / NFT STARS ecosystem. And already the technology is being implemented into the Marnotaur liquidity platform, which introduced its native $TAUR farming feature just recently. Users are now able to get pleasant rewards in $TAUR, simply by farming TAUR-BUSD LPs, TAUR tokens and Marnotaur NFTs. Follow our official social media — there are more posts coming on this topic!


The creation of an in-house SpaceSwap Starter launchpad seemed inevitable for the growing ecosystem. Our universe of projects and strong community are all that’s needed to take early-stage projects forward. 

SpaceSwap Starter is our new IDO launchpad, which was released as part of the SpaceSwap ecosystem. Run by smart contracts, the launchpad was first launched on the Ethereum network and later on the Binance Smart Chain network. The platform uses SpaceSwap’s MILK2 native token as an admission ticket to early sales of tokens.

At the end of August, we held our first event — Marnotaur’s community sale round for MILK2 token holders. The event acted as a soft launch of the platform and involved a very limited $TAUR token offer. The relatively modest allocation entailed a restricted number of lucky users and was a small event. The total share of the allocations bought was 80% — an outstanding result for the first sale on the platform.

Another big milestone took place on December 15th, when the first ever WebGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and MMORPG game SIDUS HEROES put its tokens up for sale in an IDO hosted by our platform. SpaceSwap Starter was chosen to be among the 7 platforms to run the IDO event. The IDO was an enormous success, with SIDUS HEROES raising a total of over $100,000 on SpaceSwap Starter! 

Right now, we are developing our own locker so that eventually, we will be able to conduct a full-cycle IDO with a vesting period. Most likely, the first $SIDUS and $SENATE unlock for the SpaceSwap Starter IDO participants will run on our locker!

Avalanche Integration

Since the very beginning back in September 2020, SpaceSwap has been developing a complex tech platform offering multiple options, services and features, with the capacity for expansion and scaling. Initially launched on Ethereum, the platform was later integrated with the Binance Smart Chain network and in October 2021, we announced the next integration — the Avalanche network.

Avalanche is called “the platform of platforms”. It enables the creation of tailor-made, application-specific blockchains. In this regard, Avalanche is similar to Polkadot but with a higher throughput, less than a second finality and the ability to scale to millions of validators via their unparalleled decentralization idea.

Avalanche is the fastest smart contract platform at present and has the most number of validators of any proof-of-stake protocol securing its activities. We are happy that Avalanche users will be able to take advantage of our unique in-house technology — Shadow staking. 

We initially planned to complete the integration in December 2021. At the end of this year, we launched the following pools on the Pangolin exchange: MILK2–AVAX, MILK2–SHAKE, SHAKE–AVAX. Next to come is the Shadow Farming feature. And in January, are going to release the Avalanche Bridge service, Booster and the first partnership on this blockchain. Here is a brief guide on how to prepare for this big event → https://blog.spaceswap.app/tpost/n378dscl81-spaceswap-on-avalanche-lets-learn-some-b.  


The final event of the year was NFT MANIA Quest featuring a total prize pool of $200,000, including 6 chests and a Grand Lottery finale held on Christmas Eve. This time, we allowed tickets to be purchased with MILK2 BEP-20 tokens, which were later burnt in accordance with SpaceSwap’s deflationary tokenomics policy. 

Prior to the event, we conducted a series of small quizzes on social media to keep our community inspired and interested in our projects. These little fun games helped pass the time and the most active users received nice prizes, based on the results of the quiz.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear Friends, 

The whole world is now going through some very significant changes and all of us, willing or not, are taking part in them. We are writing a new chapter for the history books and everything we do and say today will have a huge impact on tomorrow. This is why it is so important to stay united and proactive, so that we can build a society in which everyone is counted. We hope that 2022 will be better than 2021, at least, that is our New Year’s resolution!

The members of our team requested that they be granted the opportunity to address you directly with their heart-warming messages and holiday wishes. 

Dan Khomenko, CEO

This year has become a landmark year for me. When I was offered the chance to be an advisor to the SpaceSwap project, I had no idea that in 2021, I would become its CEO. I became immediately attached to the project with all my soul. Initially, the team consisted of die-hard enthusiasts united by one dream — to move forward ceaselessly, to experiment and fully surrender to the process. Our team has achieved a lot over the past year!

There were also some serious lessons — we learned to make a sober assessment of our capabilities, bringing the security of the platform to a completely different level. The greatest joy for me is that no matter which community I am addressing, I can say with pride — I am the CEO of SpaceSwap — the CEO of a project whose team devotes itself fully to its work, a project that has become the impetus for the development of an entire ecosystem, a project that has a huge number of plans and goals and a project that has a real, vibrant and active community. Our platform has for a long time been more than just a business. This is a matter of life. I thank each and every one and look forward to new achievements together. 

My colleagues will talk more about the products but I can promise you that we will continue to develop new applications for our Shadow technology and keep on with the development of our launchpad — especially conducting new IDOs. We will also focus more on the gaming industry by applying our technologies and developing new ones.

N.K., Lead Architect, Shadow Technology Developer

Well 2021 wasn’t that easy but it was not without its positive moments. Our servers are constantly being attacked by people with bad intentions and we have undoubtedly made great progress in securing our products. This includes optimizing the code of our apps. Over the past year, we have launched Shadow staking, a Bridge service, Booster, Launchpad and have conducted a fair number of activities, drops and quests by creating and improving the technologies that enable all these activities. We also started supplying technology to our associates. Every day, we hone the technologies that our team has created, making them better and more optimal for our users and customers.

The coming year promises to be very busy for both our users and our developers. We will expand and optimize the Launchpad, develop the Shadow technology to make it more flexible, allowing everyone to use our products. Expansion to new blockchains, a lot of new activities and integrations and a few surprises are what awaits our community in 2022.

M.L., Lead Front-End Developer

This year we have achieved a lot - we’ve improved the interface of our website, tested and implemented many innovative solutions in the blockchain industry and launched our own Shadow technology.

The most difficult thing was releasing the Launchpad, I guess.

We plan to further develop products, especially the Launchpad and really want our MILK2 token to reach a price of $20 by the summer of next year (not investment advice!)

I wish for our users to stay healthy in these difficult times, to be happy and to continue believing in our project. Together, I know we will succeed!

D.E., SpaceSwap Starter Tech Lead

What turned out cool this year? — We reformatted the work of the department; made the Launchpad more logical and understandable; conducted many tests and worked on making a number of improvements; held 2 real sales, both with good performance; checked the architecture for loads; and saw whether our engineers were really cool enough to process 8k requests per second. They turned out to be cool enough :-))) And we turned out to be really fast when correcting our own mistakes.

What was the hardest part? To correct everything that needed to be corrected.

What are our most ambitious plans? I would like more sales on the Launchpad. Regular ones, no unexpected surprises.

What do I wish for our users? I’d like to see them participate in sales and show that a small ‘garage’ launchpad can perform better than a large one.

N.B., Senior Writer

I joined the SpaceSwap team this year and at first, it was a bit difficult to get acquainted with all the project’s products. But thanks to the team and the community members, their devotion and support, all has worked well. We had a lot of events in the past 6 months, every day brought something new. The most difficult I suppose was the recent SIDUS HEROES IDO — it attracted so much attention and it was really important for us to conduct it perfectly. Now it is finished and I hope there will be more campaigns like that. I would like to wish our users all the best in 2022, all my wishes are actually given in the foreword to this release :-)

A.N., Lead Designer

Favorite part of my work?  Most of all, I like to think over and develop the lore and then outline it. I love to set myself complex tasks using a combination of styles. I can adapt almost anything for SpaceSwap! Now, for example, the SpaceSwap style has received a new expression in the form of the generative collection that I am drawing. It is slightly different from the usual application design but it’s no less interesting and just as colorful! So, look out for our awesome new collection in early 2022. And Happy New Year to all!

Support Team Members

Hello everyone! Firstly, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you all good health and happiness! 

I want to thank the entire Support team for the cool and well-coordinated work and the users for their active involvement and patience! I am very glad that I found myself in this project with such cool people. There were many difficult moments, many pleasant times too and sometimes a sad moment or two - but I believe the best is yet to come! I look forward to continuing my work with such a cool team and being among awesome people like my colleagues and our users.

Someday, I will tell my grandchildren — I supported SpaceSwap, NFT Stars and SIDUS!

And a special thanks to our OG holders for their tolerant and understanding attitude — it’s a real pleasure to talk to you sometimes:-) Happy Holidays everyone!

A.A., Marketing Chief Assistant

From Highway to Hell to Stairway to Heaven. We work in a time and space that’s subject to change at an alarming pace. Yet we stand on the ground of delivering quality services at a reasonable speed, adjusting our products to the ever changing markets. 2021 wasn't bad at all, but we haven’t yet seen what 2022 has in store for us. 

Looking forward to seeing more of all of you in the coming year. Remember, big things come in small stages and we had quite a lot of these, so when we step back and look at a whole thing… well, it can be surprising. Here’s to many more great surprises!

Stay tuned and see you in 2022!

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