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SpaceSwap Technical Updates for October 24th, 2022

Greetings, SpaceSwap patrons! A number of platform updates are in progress, so we decided to share the most relevant ones with you:

We finalized the development of a security program for the entire application.

A sale has been conducted on the new contract. From now on we can use several contracts depending on the project, the amount to be sold, and other conditions of the sale.

We are finalizing the last internal tests. Bridges are usually the main target of most hackers, so we spent a lot of time on security improvements.

Mini games
We opened beta registration for the game to all community members who would like to be involved. On October 27, we plan to start the beta test of the game, after which the game will be launched for all users.

These are all the updates we have for you so far!
Stay tuned for more improvement and update news.