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Platinum Software Development Company invested $140,000 in the expansion of the SpaceSwap Ecosystem

It’s one piece of good news after another! As the MILK2 token is showing an increase in value, the SpaceSwap team also receives a $140,000 investment from one of our strategic partners, Platinum Software Development company.

Platinum.fund is a software company that helped the SpaceSwap team with the development of the Shadow Staking technology. Since then, the company has been supporting our project and believing in our vision and technology. The Platinum team decided to invest $140,000 to facilitate the release of new projects like NFT STARS and to ensure the stability of the new tokenomics model.

"We see how SpaceSwap has advanced and expanded its ecosystem of products since the beginning of our collaboration. We want to support this project which has something truly unique to offer the DeFi community" — The Platinum Team.

The SpaceSwap team has made the decision to use these funds to bring more goodness to the community and to support the MILK2 token’s growth. We will join forces and provide $70,000-worth of MILK2 tokens. These funds, $70,000-worth of Ethereum received from the Platinum side and $70,000-worth of MILK2 from our side will be staked in the MILK2-ETH pair on Uniswap. It'll increase the liquidity and be a booster for our tokens.

All the rewards farmed in the process will go to the team fund to support further development of the SpaceSwap ecosystem and the release of new products. The other half of the funds will go for the development and marketing needs.

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