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Crypto Citizen AMA recap from February 18th

The Crypto Citizen IDO is not that far away and we are all looking forward to the upcoming project event. But while we’re waiting, the SpaceSwap team is offering you some cool-out time by recalling the amazing AMA session that took place in our chat. 

The AMA session was with the CBO of the Crypto Citizen project — Sebastián Šooš. Let’s get to it!

Q: Can you introduce your team? How many game devs? Your previous projects?

Sebastián Šooš:
Our QORPO company is a leading game studio founded in 2018 with over 80+ employees from all around the world. Our headquarters are in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are a metaverse leader in central Europe and are currently building the most complete ecosystem, with 4 products going fully live by the end of 2022 — Trade Race Manager 2, QORPO Market, QORPO ID and Crypto Citizen. We have developed powerful teams with members worldwide and some of our members have worked with major gaming studios such as Gameloft or EA.

Q: What is your project's best aspect, compared to other projects?

Sebastián Šooš:
Crypto Citizen takes the idea of a real sandbox game to another level by utilizing an open-world with a MMORPG experience and it has an in-game economy such as has never been seen before in blockchain gaming. The persistent metaverse is an open-world that changes in response to citizens' decisions, where players are able to not only build for show, they can build and provide utilities, such as the creation of various NFTs, taxes, advertisements, services and much more.

Q: Is your game inspired by CD projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077?

Sebastián Šooš:
Of course, we have drawn some inspiration from it. In terms of graphics and design, we are both working on a dystopian, futuristic-style game set in a Sci-Fi future – but we are taking it to another level. We are more focused on GTA 5 online than Cyberpunk.

Q: Tell us more about drag racing and battles.

Sebastián Šooš:
Drag races are the first game mode of the Crypto Citizen game. It is based around NFT cars that have different upgradeable attributes. Players race their cars against each other in action drag races. The first across the line takes it all. It's a game where the one with the best skills, in terms of shifting at the right time and combining the attributes together, wins. 

In a battle, two players play against each other by taking turns with fighter actions from their syndicate. A team of fighters consists of 3 Fighters/Bosses, which the player chooses with a strategically equipped inventory of guns, grenades, martial arts skills and more. It's a tactical game where only users with great combinations and skilled thinking can win.

Q: How can I customize my NFT character? Can I upgrade it?

Sebastián Šooš:
Yes, all of the NFTs will be customizable. Users can level them up and get the best attributes. Right now, there is only Genesis 0 NFTs minted and they have and always will have the best core stats. This means that when someone gets the NFT to the best level, there will not be an opportunity to get the same attributes with another drop of NFTs anymore. All of this is secured by Chainlink's VRF technology, which may easily be described as a blockchain-based attributes mixer, so all the NFTs are totally unique and rare.

Q: If we build up NFT skills and everything else in the game, then sell it to another user, will that user also have those upgraded skills?

Sebastián Šooš:
Yes, for sure. This maintains the rarity and exclusivity for everyone. Users that cannot afford the most expensive cars can level up some weak ones, sell them on the marketplace and have enough tokens to buy a new one with better core attributes.

Q: Any plans to add more characters to your metaverse?

Sebastián Šooš:
For sure! The ones you can see right now are just the first characters to be released. These first ones to be minted have the best attributes as early adopters always have the advantage. Other NFTs will be available through loot boxes and events.

Q: Could you explain how you created the monetary system that will be provided to pass from the suburbs to the city center?

Sebastián Šooš:
The goal is to recreate the metaverse according to your imagination. $CCASH rules them all! Players with enough $CCASH (obtained through various ways such as fighting, racing, looting or simply running businesses in the city) can change the world to their liking. They can do this either with their citizen governance rights, which are higher since they possess more $CCASH or just by buying land and building factories and services. Run your empire as you like, employ average humans, sit back and watch your power grow in Metropolit. $CCASH holders will get a chance to buy various utilities of the metaverse world. Players will be able to buy land, buildings, factories, financial services, and other businesses, giving them a chance to mint in-game NFTs and then sell, trade or simply drop them on their land.

Q: What is the difference between "reserve" and "foundation" in your tokenometrics?

Sebastián Šooš:
Reserves are literally reserves for development / personnel acquisition / ecosystem / funding etc. The foundation is a pool for all the metaverse creators (create-&-earn), rewards inside the game and the whole functioning mechanism.

Q: How are you planning to prevent a price dump after listing?

Sebastián Šooš:
We are releasing the alpha test for the game right around the time of the token listing, which brings a lot of opportunities for $CCASH holders. We also have a few surprises for token holders that will motivate them to not sell their tokens right away but rather keep or lock them for a few months, not to mention opportunities for partners to reserve streets / buildings / etc.

Q: SpaceSwap is your 5th launchpad, will there be more?

Sebastián Šooš:
NOPE. SpaceSwap has the honor of being our last pick from the dozens of choices and offers we received. We choose only the best ones.

Q: Can you tell us about any possible plans to collaborate with other NFT projects?

Sebastián Šooš:
We have announced our partnership with SIDUS HEROES and we see them as being in the same boat as us. Just like us, they are hard workers and our intention is to connect only with the best. Unfortunately, 98% of metaverses will never deliver such projects. This year will be ‘showtime’ and we are ready. There aren’t that many great potential partners out there like SIDUS but we are talking with a few others and one really big one will be announced right after our token listing.

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