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CUTIES devoured YUMMIES. DAO voting results for the new NFT collection!


The DAO vote to decide the new NFT collection concept is over. CUTIES crushed the other options mercilessly and that means our new NFT collection will be a comic-based concept featuring sci-fi, romantic comedy and action, where the main character travels through time and space visiting various locations inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.

Check out the results here:


We can’t wait to start work on the collection! So in the near future, we will again need your help! You will be able to participate in creating the first part of the comic-book. There we will meet our Hero who embarks on an adventure full of dangers and pleasant surprises. He is already packing his backpack but there’s still time for him to spend Christmas evening in his hometown with his family. This will ensure he carries a piece of home with him throughout his galactic travels — far far away.

Yes, you guessed it: our genesis collection will be inspired by the Christmas spirit! 🎄🎄🎄

Let’s see what else we already know…

  • Each new NFT collection will feature another comic chapter
  • We will start with your favorite anthropomorphic cows. But we also plan to issue other animals as well. And all the fun starts with the BREEDING concept...

  • Some script and design ideas will be completely your choice
  • For all your suggestions, thoughts, ideas and feedback, please use the hashtag #SpaceSwapNFT
  • If we use your ideas in any concepts, you’ll be getting some sweet bonuses!

So let’s wish us all Good Luck and wait for the next vote!

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