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$SIDUS and $SENATE sale update following the community vote

The SpaceSwap team initiated a community vote on whether to change the number of participant slots and the size of the allocations in the upcoming SIDUS HEROES IDO. In anticipation of the DAO vote, which was postponed for technical reasons by the Snapshot service, we conducted a vote in our social media and received the following results:

Telegram — 66%
Discord — 68%

The majority of you support the idea of increasing the number of participant slots in each campaign ($SIDUS sale and $SENATE sale) to 1,000.

Therefore, we are updating the rules as follows:

Main Info:

SIDUS: 30,555,555 coins at $0.0018 each
●    Max. Cap : $55,000
SENATE: 305,555 coins at $0.18 each
●    Max. Cap: $55,000

Sale blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Sale token: BUSD
Distribution blockchain: Ethereum
Sale date: December 15
Start of the Staking stage: TBA (prior to the Registration stage)
Registration date: TBA

Min stake: 5,000 MILK2
Max stake counted: 20,000 MILK2 (please note — if you have a bigger stake, only the max stake amount will be counted in these campaigns. You still can hold your stake for further campaigns though).

Number of slots for Registration:
SIDUS: 1,000
SENATE: 1,000

The two campaigns will be conducted at the same time. You will need to register for each campaign separately.

To register, you will first need to stake at least 5,000 MILK2 and then be among the first 1,000 users for each separate campaign. Special measures will be taken to prevent the participation of bots.

Only users who signed the User Agreement before staking will be able to register.

Allocations adjusted for the increased number of participants:

MIN - $13.76
Average - $55.00
MAX - $219.34

If all 1,000 users have the same stake (for instance, all stakes are 10,000 MILK2), the average allocation will be $55.00 for each campaign.

The minimum allocation for one user will be $13.76. This would happen in the event that one user stakes the minimum amount of 5,000 MILK2 and all the other registered users stake the maximum amount of 20,000 MILK2.

The maximum allocation of $219.34 will occur if a user stakes the maximum of 20,000 MILK2 and every other registered user stakes the minimum amount of 5,000 MILK2.

TGE DATE: December 15

Token distribution:
TGE — 10%
Monthly vesting — 10% (10 months for full unlock)

First block of tokens (10%) will be sent to users’ wallets using MultiSender. After the locker is applied, users might be transferred to Token Claim from a separate locker or else the SIDUS HEROES project will continue sending tokens to users’ addresses (the ones used for Registration).

Please find below the conditions that you have to comply with in order to participate in the sale:

●    You are eighteen years of age or older (or you are legally an adult according to the laws of your country).
●    You currently live in a country that legally allows you to participate in events like this.
●    You take full responsibility when using SpaceSwap Starter services and when taking part in all activities that occur as part of the current campaign.

Before making a stake, you will be asked to sign the SpaceSwap Starter agreement, where these conditions will be provided in detail. Please read them thoroughly. For future campaigns, we might also conduct KYC.

$SIDUS and $SENATE sale FAQ:

Is KYC required?
At the moment of staking, each user will be required to sign an agreement. Their address will be entered into the database as a participant of the sale campaign. Without signing, you will not be able to use the launchpad service. We do not request your data directly, but this option might appear in further campaigns where we will use third-party services.

What allocation can I get if I have 5,000 MILK2?
The size of the allocation for each registered participant will be precisely determined by the start of the sale stage and will be calculated according to the proportionate amount each registered participant contributes to the total amount of funds staked. Read more about the calculation rules here. The minimum, average and maximum allocations are provided above.

Can I add funds to my stake in order to increase my allocation?
Yes. You can increase your stake during the Registration stage (this period will be announced separately). You will see your stake share adjusting as the pool size changes, right up until the sale stage begins. If you wish, you can add funds to your stake and then you will need to register for the campaign once again — without this action, your new stake will not be counted.

We remind you that in the $SIDUS and $SENATE sale, we will only count the maximum stake of 20,000 MILK2.

Why do you limit the maximum number of tokens that will be taken into account for allocations and change this number for different campaigns?
Such restrictions are due to the need to provide relatively equal opportunities to all holders of the MILK2 token. We do not encourage whale wallets. 20,000 MILK2 is a fairly large amount.

Do we buy tokens with MILK2?
No, MILK2 is not used for purchasing the tokens. They are used for the following:
  1. To provide access to token sales.
  2. To be used as units for calculating the size of allocations.

To buy tokens in the sale, you will need to use BUSD stablecoins.

How long should I stake MILK2 to be able to register? 7 days?
No, you will be able to register as soon as the Registration opens, even if you have just staked your MILK2 tokens. But you can only withdraw MILK2 7 days after the last stake. Please note that the Registration button will not be active if your stake is below the minimum amount required.

When will you announce the Registration? I want to make sure I have time to register.
For your convenience, we will first provide the approx. period when the Registration start will be announced (for example: January 8, from 12:00 to 15:00 pm). As soon as the announcement arrives, you may begin registration.

How long will the Registration and Sale last?
We will make separate announcements about this on the day Registration starts. The Sale date is December 15.

When is the staking activated?
We will allow time for our users to familiarize themselves with the event details. The start of the staking procedure will be announced separately through our official social media a few days before the Registration begins. The Staking option will be announced prior to the Registration stage, so that everyone has enough time to stake the needed amount.

Why do you use Binance Smart Chain for the sale if the coins are on Ethereum?
We made this decision for several reasons:
  1. The sale is carried out with a vesting period - that is, there is no opportunity to carry out all the stages within one contract, including the claiming of tokens. Therefore, there is no need to conduct both the sale and the distribution stages on the same blockchain.
  2. For users’ convenience, we decided to move away from high Ethereum commissions, since every interaction with the launchpad incurs the commission fees of the launchpad’s network.

How will you carry out the token distribution?
TGE of 10% of the total amount purchased will be sent manually using the data connected to each token purchase. Furthermore, the SIDUS platform will either continue to send the tokens manually, or a new option will be offered on our platform for you to claim tokens — a separate locker.

Will you give us some other tokens instead of the real ones for claiming?
No. To calculate the allocation, we will use special synthetic SIDUS and SENATE tokens, which will only be issued within the smart contract and will log your share of real tokens in a 1:1 ratio, but they will not be sent to participants' addresses.
Your tokens will be sent to the address you provided when making the purchase. Therefore, we remind you about the importance of observing security measures when handling your MetaMask wallet. We will not be able to change the distribution address in any way, even if your wallet is compromised by third parties.

Website: https://spaceswap.app
Telegram: t.me/SpaceSwap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spaceswapdefi
Blog: https://blog.spaceswap.app
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/4hvxZNWGHP