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The distribution of Celestial Partnership NFTs and NFT farming cards is finished!

The SpaceSwap team is happy to announce the distribution of our 5 new super Celestial Partnership NFTs!
To get this card, you needed to collect 10 partnership NFTs comprising: Crafty Things, Space Goods, Blockchain Ice, Immortal Spirit, Magic Moment, The Empyrean, Bitslayer, Spacecream, On the way and Long-tailed. 

The exchange of partnership NFTs is another way to entertain the community as well as to bring extra profit and value to everything we do for the platform. We are more than happy to launch such bonus distributions as they create an extra bond between members of the SpaceSwap ecosystem!

The distribution of NFT farming cards

We’ve also distributed 3 NFT farming cards (for MILK2 token farming). These cards have been sent to the NFT Mania winners' wallets. All you need to do is to stake it to receive your MILK2 tokens.
We will soon be announcing the farming start dates of both the Celestial Partnership and NFT Mania farming cards. Stay tuned!

Keep up with our updates so you don’t miss any future amazing distributions from the SpaceSwap team!

Open theMILK2-ETH poolon Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK2 instantly. 
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