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Expiration of special farming pools for Celestial card holders and NFT Mania winners

Dear Community,

...and particularly those of you who participated in our special farming pools for Celestial card holders and NFT Mania winners...

We have come to the end of 

the 90-day farming period.

Please, unstake your cards or simply harvest your rewards until 13:00 UTC on October 25. Unstaking the cards will also result in automatic harvesting. After this date you will not be able to harvest your rewards. To be able to unstake the cards you will need to have MILK2 tokens in your wallet (1 token and more).

Special Celestial card holders and NFT Mania winners farming pools were launched on July 26th and had a predetermined period of 90 days. They expire on October 23rd, so the farming will be stopped today.

Please note that Celestial cards and other special cards that we granted in the past (for active participation in the project), might be used in our future activities. Remember them?

Monkey Business:

You can get one of these if you bought any farming NFTs from our manager (this is actually also for those who bought NFTs before the additional card was announced).

Pearls of Wisdom:

This card is your reward for helping our platform (text bounty campaign participation, searching for deficiencies, etc). These cards will be ranked in the future.

Shadow Pioneer:

The long-awaited NFT card for our early Shadow Staking technology adopters.

All these, as well as the Celestial cards might be useful in the future, so don’t waste them!

Stay tuned!

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