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Penguin Karts IDO: How it went and what's next?

We’re back and happy to celebrate Penguin Karts’ successful IDO! The sale of Penguin Karts’ PGK project tokens ended just yesterday. It was amazing and our thanks goes out to everyone who took part in it. Now, let’s summarize the results of the IDO and go through the numbers. 

IDO wrap up results

  • Number of rounds: 2. (First, the long round from 17-19 March. Second, the flash round on March 21).
  • Amount Raised: 29,980 BUSD (99.9% of 30k total allocation)
  • Number of registrations: 155 unique addresses took part in both rounds

It was nice to see participants of the first round taking part in the second round, together with new users who did not make it to the first round – we are very happy that you managed to purchase!

The acceleration of the BSC network shifted the stages of the flash sale slightly on March 21. However, your high level of activity and readiness to buy made this extra round particularly successful. 

Plans to improve the workings of the platform 

Upon the finished sales, we made some improvements that will be considered for implementation in future IDO’s, especially regarding accessibility to rounds. Some of the planned updates:

  • An email newsletter will be included. If you have not subscribed to the site yet, please do so soon.
  • Flash sale improvements. We’ll either count stages using the time stamps or we will remind users that due to the possible acceleration or deceleration of blocks released in blockchain, there is a possibility of some deviation in time.
  • A long-awaited extra pool for staking SHAKE tokens in addition to MILK2! More details to come. 

PGK token distribution and listing

Data on addresses and purchase amounts have already been transferred to the Penguin Karts project. The listing of the token is scheduled for March 23 on the SpookySwap exchange.

Since PGK tokens are Fantom network tokens, don’t forget to set up the Fantom network in the MetaMask wallet you used to make your purchase. And also make sure you have some FTM coins to pay the network fees.

Only the info (including any changes) published by official project sources should be considered accurate:

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Tell us your wishes and any comments you have, including what projects you would like to see in the next sale. 

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