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SpaceSwap Digest

What’s up there, guys! It’s been a while since the last digest and now we have lots of new things to tell you about. 😏

So, what we have achieved in the last few months is:

✅ We held the SIDUS Heroes collection pre-sale for MILK2 tokens, all the received coins were burned: https://blog.spaceswap.app/tpost/hggsx22l81-follow-up-to-the-sidus-academy-collectio

✅ Celebrated our one year anniversary since the official release of Shadow technology: https://blog.spaceswap.app/tpost/8fdffljkn1-spaceswap-shadow-technology-one-year-ann

✅ Currently, we’re working on developing a Shadow marketplace - a service where everyone can create their own farming pools based on Shadow technology. We believe it will be one of the killer features of our SpaceSwap Starter launcher and will mean that projects launching their IDOs will be able to immediately create farming pools on our site.

✅ In recent months, the market has not been too fond of IDOs, which is the main reason for the decrease in activity for startup projects. However, while the market remains quiet, we’ve managed to significantly improve the workings of the launchpad, providing it with its own vesting platform:
by connecting to the SHAKE pool: https://blog.spaceswap.app/tpost/ugo2jr1u01-launchpad-updates 
We also introduced a number of minor but important changes and improvements to the  smart contracts and the interface.

✅ Looking forward to the Crypto Citizen IDO: https://blog.spaceswap.app/tpost/z3rgpul0m1-crypto-citizen-ama-recap-from-february-1

✅ We’re also busy coordinating new sales with various projects, some of them were recommended to us by you. More info on sales here:

✅ The hot news from last week is the relaunch of the Shadow Bridge in all three networks - Ethereum, BSC and Avalanche. Please note that the service is in beta mode.
Special thanks to our testers from the community, your contribution is invaluable! We are waiting for further iterations to provide users with an even more pleasant user experience.

✅ We continue our regular activities, including mini-quizzes: https://spaceswap.app/leaderboard 

✅ Distributing MILK2 to SHAKE holders every two weeks.

✅ We held the Easter NFT Mania contest, the results are in: link

What’s next in the plans? 👀

👉 The state of the market has forced us to postpone the launch of the generative NFT collection, but it is being prepared.

👉 We also expect to launch a Shadow marketplace in Q2 2022.

👉 Soon, we will present 2 new deflationary mechanisms for MILK2 (hint: in the first we use Chainlink technology and the second relates to mini-games).

👉 We are also in a non-stop negotiating process with projects about launching audio content. While looking forward to more favorable market conditions, we constantly enhance our solution. Get ready, because we have a lot of cool events upcoming!

See you!